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Too Much Stuff

Our new webcourse addresses the obstacles to decluttering, especially if you are "of a certain age." Get the expert advice of Carrie Luteran, professional organizer and Nicole Christina, psychotherapist.

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At this point in our lives, we know we have more time behind us than in front of us. We want to make it the best time ever, with focus and purpose. That's almost impossible to do when we're tripping over our stuff and we can't find our car keys. Now is the perfect time to clear space, both physical and mental, to embark on the last third of our lives. We owe it to ourselves to create the life we've always wanted. A life with vibrance, curiosity and meaning.

Too Much Stuff is a webcourse that includes four video lessons with Carrie and Nicole that will finally get you motivated to declutter your home! A companion workbook, exercises, and bonuses will be provided to help you identify the things in your way to creating the home - and the life - you want. Sign up here and you will receive an email notice when the course is available.

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